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Cardano community updates and news, Charles Goguen updates, Cardano System Glossary – A-Z of Cardano . . .

  • Show Notes;
  •  Episode 8: The Cardano Foundation, with Frederik Gregaard | starts at 11:05 –
  • Goguen rollout development update – 12 November 2020
  • Welcome to the first in our new series of Goguen rollout development updates with project managers Dimitris and Volodymyr. Every two weeks we complete a sprint. So – every two weeks – will be bringing you the latest updates on Cardano development, as we roll out new Goguen features and functionalities. Metadata to token locking, native assets to ERC20 converters, Dapps, smart contracts and more. So expect to hear a lot more from us in the coming weeks and months!

Your Cardano Update – Fred Gregaard

  • Charles Hoskinson – Brief Comments On Goguen

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